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"O mankind, fear your Lord who created you from a single self, and from it God created his wife, and rather than God propagate both men and women that much.And fear Allah, that with (use) his name you ask each other one another, and (guard) silaturrahim relationship. Verily Allah always keep and supervise you. And give to the orphans (who have daughters) of their wealth, do not you swap the good with the bad and do not you eat them with your treasure treasure. Indeed the actions (exchange and eating) it, is a great sin. And if ye fear that ye can not do justice to the (rights) female orphans (if ye marry), then marry women (others) that you like: two, three or four. Then if you fear will not be able to be fair, then (marry) only one, or the slaves which ye possess. That is closer to not do injustice. Give the dowry (mahr) to the woman (who you marry) as a gift with great eagerness. Then if they deliver to you a portion of the dowry was happy, then eat (take) the gift (as food) is tasty and good akibatnya.Dan Do not leave it to people who are not perfect minds, the property (those that exist in powers) who used God as a staple of life. Give them shopping and clothing (from the property that) and say to them good words. And test the orphans until they are old enough to marry. Then if you think they were smart (clever maintain the property), then give it to their treasure-treasure. And do not eat more than orphan's property and propriety limits (do not be) haste (spending) before they mature. Whoever (among the keepers that) is able, he must refrain (from consuming the orphan's property) and whoever is poor, then so-so he eats it by the proper property. Then when you hand over property to them, then let you invent witnesses (about submitting it) for them. And enough is Allah as a Supervisor (above testimony it). " (TQS an-Nisa [4]: 1-6) 

Intercourse is a way for someone to socialize with their environment. Mingle with others into one of the very basic needs, even to say a must for every human being "still alive" in this world. It becomes something strange or even very rare, if there are people who can live alone. Because that's the way human nature. People need other people's presence in her life. There is no one hundred percent the same creatures in this world. Everything created by God is different. Although there are similarities, but still everything is different. So it is with humans. Five billion more people in this world has a characteristic, the nature, character, and distinctive shape.
Because of that difference, then it is very reasonable when later in the associate fellow human beings will be a lot of difference in the nature, character, and behavior.God creates us with all the difference as a manifestation of His greatness and power. Thus, the differences do not hinder us to hang out or socialize with the environment around us. Suppose it is a natural thing, so we can address these differences with a fair and equitable manner. Because it could be something that was small, but because of wrong address, would be a great thing. That's the difference. No one can differentiate us with others, except for ketakwaannya to Allah SWT (Surah Al_Hujurat <49>: 13) Differences nation, tribe, language, customs, and habits into one package when God created man, so that people can know each other. Once again. no one can distinguish except ketakwaannya. For that, there are some things we need to develop to grow our association with fellow Muslims into something beautiful so make ukhuwah Islamiyah. Three main key to make it happen is ta'aruf, tafahum, and ta'awun. These are the three main key we have to do in the association. Ta'aruf. What happens when someone does not know others? Could they would greet each other? Could they help each other, assist, or care? Or could it be ukhuwah Islamiyah will be accomplished? Anyway, it turns out ta'aruf or know each other becomes an obligatory when we will step out to socialize with other people. With ta'aruf we can distinguish the nature, ethnicity, religion, favorite, character, and all characteristics in a person. Tafahum. Understanding, is the second step we have to do when we interact with others. Once we know someone we knew well all be sure that she likes and which he hated. This is the most important part in the association. By understanding we can pick and choose who should be hanging our friends and who should we stay away, because it may be malicious in nature. Because, our religion will be largely determined by the religion of our close friends. Still remember, "Associating with the righteous is like hanging out with a perfume seller, who always give each of our fragrant aromas along with it. 're Dealing with evil is like hanging out with blacksmith artisans who will give the iron smell of smoke when we are with him. " No doubt, when we hang out together with the righteous people will be much less take us to the kesalihan. And vice versa, when we hang out with people who ruqyah bad, will surely lead to bad behavior (akhlakul majmumah). Ta'awun. After knowing and understanding, it seems something is missing if you have not grown ta'awun attitude (mutual help). Due to this fact that will foster a sense of love in a person to us. Even Islam strongly recommends to his community to help each other in goodness and piety. Rasullulloh SAS has said that not including his people who are not concerned with the affairs of other Muslims. Ta'aruf, tafahum, and ta'awun has become an important part we have to do. But it has nothing in it if it is basically not sincere for Allah. Ikhlas must be something major, including when we know, understand and help each other. Also, grow a sense of love and hate for Allah. Since love and hate because God will bring good pleasure of God and all creatures.
Many people use the term excessive an-nizam al-ijtimâ'î to mention all the rules of social life. The use of this term is wrong. The term is more appropriate to call the rules of social life is anzhimah al-mujtama '(social system). Because the system is essentially manage all interactions that occur within a given society, regardless of presence or absence of astral conjunction aspect '(association / meeting men and women, pen). In a social system, it is not considered the existence of astral conjunction ', because it is seen only existing interactions. From here, there was a variety of regulations (systems) that vary according to species and differences in their interactions, which includes aspects of economics, government, politics, education, criminal, mu `amalat, verification, and so forth. Thus, the use of the term an-nizam al-ijtimâ'î to mention the social system is not unreasonable and inconsistent with the facts. More than that, said al-ijtimâ'î is the adjective for the system (nizam). The sense, the system should be made to organize the various problems that arise from jtimâ '(association / meeting men and women, pen) or a variety of interactions (' alaqah) arising from the astral conjunction 'is. Intercourse (astral conjunction '), a man with a fellow man or a woman with other women does not require regulation. Therefore, same-sex relationships will not cause any problems or gave birth to a variety of interactions that requires a set of rules.Setting of interest between them is in need of a regulation (nizam) because of the fact that they live together in a single country, even if they do not get along with each other.The association between male and female or vice versa, then that is what causes many problems that require adjustment to a rule (nizam) specific. Intercourse man woman giving birth was exactly what the various interactions that require arrangements with a particular regulation. So the male-female interaction rules like this is actually more accurately described as an-nizam al-ijtimâ'î. The reason, this system is essentially set the interaction between two opposite sex (men and women) and organize a variety of interactions that arise from these interactions. Therefore, understanding an-nizam al-ijtimâ'î restricted only to refer to systems that regulate male-female interactions and regulate interactions / relationships that emerge from these interactions, and explain every thing that tercabang of these interactions. An-nizam al-ijtimâ'î not regulate the interaction that emerged from the interests of men and women in society. So the buying and selling activity between men and women or vice versa, for example, fall into the category of social systems (anzhimah al-mujtama '), not included in the an-nizam al-ijtimâ'î. Meanwhile, the ban on air-seclusion (both-be a pair of male and female), when a wife has the right to file for divorce, or the extent to which a mother has custody of the child, including in the category of an-nizam al-ijtimâ'î. Based on this, an-nizam al-ijtimâ'î defined as a system governing the interaction of men and women or vice versa, and regulate relations / interactions that arise from the association and all that tercabang of the relationship. Understanding of society, especially the Muslims, against the social system of men and women (an-nizam al-ijtimâ'î) in Islam experienced tremendous jolt. Their understanding is very far from the essence of Islam, because they are away from the ideas and laws of Islam. The Muslims were among the two groups. First, people who are too go beyond the limit (tafrith), who argue that including the right of women is both-be a pair (seclusion) with a man according to his will and leave the house by opening his private parts with the clothes that she likes. Second, people who are too tight (ifrath), which did not look at that in between the rights of women are in the trade or agriculture. They were of the view that women should not meet with him at all, and that the whole body is female genitalia including the face and palms. Because of the attitude of these two categories, namely that too beyond the limit and that is too tight, fell down and came kejumudan moral thinking. As a result, cracks arise in social interaction and anxiety among Muslim families. Arise also a lot of anger and complaint among family members as well as the various disputes and hostility between them. Because of that, comes the feeling of need to create a full and happy family filled the soul of all Muslims. Efforts to find solutions to solve even this problem has occupied the minds of many people. Comes the various attempts to solve this problem. Some are writing books that explain the problem-solving interaction of men and women and incorporate some corrections to the judicial laws of religion or election law. Many are also those who attempt to apply the opinions of their own families, as wives, sisters, and their female children. There is also a circle that included some corrections to the school rules by separating the male students and female students. Thus, various efforts have been born that diverse. However, all their efforts had not produced the solution and have not managed to find a system of male-female relationships. They have also found a way also to make improvements. This happens because most Muslims do not understand the problem of relations between two opposite sex: male and female. As a result they do not know a method that allows both the opposite sex for helping to produce the good of the Ummah with the existence of helping it. They really do not understand the ideas and Islamic laws relating to the association men and women. It is this factor that makes them busy discussing and arguing about the methods to solve problems and even terjauhkan of assessing the true nature of the problem.Restlessness and tossing also became increasingly a result of their efforts. A gap arises in the community who feared to threaten the existence of Muslims, as a unique people with a variety of distinctive characters. Dikhawatiran Islamic households will lose their identity has become Muslim and Islamic thought and the loss of brilliance terjauhkan of respect for the laws and views of Islam. Causes of shock thinking and understanding of the truth of this aberration, is devastating attack on our civilization being waged by the West. Western civilization has really control the way of thinking and our tastes in such a way, thus changing understanding (mafahim) we have about life, Benchmark (maqayis) we are against everything, and beliefs (qana'at) we are already embedded in the soul we, like ghîrah (spirit) we are against Islam or our respect to our holy places. Victory over our Western civilization has penetrated into all aspects of life, including social aspects of men and women. All this happened because at the time of Western civilization emerged in the Muslim countries and also shows its physical products (madaniyah) as well as its material advantages, many of which dazzled the eyes of Muslims. They also bertaklid on physical products and trying to adopt civilization because of physical products that show progress has been produced by the owner of Western civilization that is always mempropaganda that civilization. For this reason, Muslims then bertaklid on Western civilization without distinction of civilization (hadara) West and physical products (madaniyah). The Muslims did it without realizing that civilization (hadara) is essentially a collection of understanding about life and the life of a typical method. Sedangkanproduk-physical products (madaniyah) are forms of physical yangterindera used as a means or a tool in human life, which had nothing to do with the outlook on life and certain methods of life. More than that they do not understand that Western civilization (al-hadara al-gharbiyyah) standing on a principle contrary to the principles of Islamic civilization (al-hadara al-Islamiyyah). They also do not understand that Western civilization is different from the Islamic civilization in terms of views and perceptions of happiness tentangkehidupan who always sought by every man to manifest. They also do not understand that true Muslims should not take western civilization and it is not possible a community of Muslims in any country will remain a part of the Islamic ummah or Islamic community remains as-if they take the Western civilization. The lack of understanding of the fundamental differences between Islamic civilization and Western civilization has given birth to attitude transfer and imitation of Western civilization. Many Muslims who try to transfer the Western civilization without thinking, just like people who copy the script to write all the words and letters there. Some of them bertaklid on civilization by taking the understanding and West Benchmark without reviewing the background and consequences. They are, both the transfer and the bertaklid, see Western society has been align women with men without distinction of men and women regardless of the consequences thereof. They also see Western women have participated in physical displays of Western products (madaniyah) and has performed with the physical products of the West. The Muslims were also past him and tried mentaklidinya bertaklid. They do not realize that physical products are displayed that have been adapted to Western civilization, the Western understanding of life, and the Western worldview, but not in accordance with Islamic civilization, the Islamic understanding of life, and the Islamic worldview. They never take into account any consequences of physical products that are used to display various things. Indeed, they have been sighted like that and meyakinibahwa women should stand equal with men in society and in the association, without considering the consequences. They suggest a Muslim woman should be a part of physical products featuring West and performed with the West of physical products, without regard to the various problems and aspects inherent in these physical products. Thus they called for jaminankebebasan individual for a Muslim woman and giving him the right to do as they please. And as the implications of this appeal, they also called for ikhtilath without a purpose, calling tabarruj and accentuates their jewelry, as well as calling for a Muslim woman in power. They stated that it is progress and proof of resurrection. What makes the matter more complicated is the transferor and pentaklid Western civilization was deliberately has freed himself completely from all constraints in terms of individual freedom. Until a woman can directly make contact with a man just for contacts and have fun for the sake of individual freedom. Though there is no intention whatever it requires the existence of contacts, and no purpose whatever in the community to do ikhtilath like that. Contacts are two opposite sex solely for contacts and have fun for the freedom of the individual has a negative impact on the transferor and pentaklid Western civilization this. They are vying with each other about these opinions to restrict relationships between men and women only on the relationship of a sexual nature, namely the relationship between two opposite sex (male-female), others do not. Adverse effects on this group extended to other communities that exist in society.Such contacts did not result in any cooperation between men and women in the field of life. In fact only produce moral decadence; tabarruj his women, and protrusion of the beauty of their bodies to other than her husband or mahram. Among the Muslims also arise deviations in thinking, flaws in the tastes / trends, kegocangan in trust, and destruction in various benchmarks. They made the male-female relationships in the West as a good example and make Western society as a Benchmark, without considering and assessing how Western society no longer concerned with the form of the relationship between men and women. West did not see again that the form of relationship that there is shame, depravity, deviation from the behavior that must be followed, or something that is destructive and dangerous behavior. Most of the Muslims did not see that Islamic societies are different from Western society is fundamentally and totally in terms of views on this man-woman relationship. Because of Islamic society views male-female relationships of a sexual nature including major sins (kaba'ir). Perpetrators will be imposed harsh sanctions, ie whipping or stoning.The perpetrator would be seen as people who should be excommunicated and despicable person deemed by the views of anger and insult. Islamic society is axiomatic to assume that women's honor must be maintained. This is a principle that can not be discussed or debated again. Honorary woman is something that must be sacrificed to defend property and life, with full compliance and defense without any apology and dispensation. Indeed, the transferor and pentaklid Western civilization no longer notice the difference between Islamic society and Western society, and also did not notice a big difference between the two states that society. They also do not pay attention to what has been required in the life of Islam and what is ordered by the Islamic sharia. They are only driven by a passion for transferring and bertaklid to call for the resurrection of women through understanding permissivisme (all-be), and do not care anymore though women have a despicable character. Thus, the transferor and pentaklid it has damaged the system man-woman relationships among the Muslims on behalf of women's awakening and struggle under the pretext to arouse the people. But their numbers were at first a little, even people initially did not approve any solicitation that they launched. However, the situation is different after the implementation of the system of capitalism in Islamic countries, and the rule of the infidel invaders, who then followed by their agents and the people who run the group colonizers and follow their directions. Those who initially had little influence and was finally able to bring most of the urban population and a small portion of rural population to the path they have traveled. They were able to transfer and bertaklid in Western civilization until there goes the characteristics of Islamic majority population of the big cities of Islam. There is no difference between Istanbul and Cairo, between Tunis and Damascus; between Karachi and Baghdad, and between the al-Quds and Beirut. Everything went in the transfer step and bertaklid on Western civilization. So naturally, if in the midst of the people got up a group to fight these thoughts. And certainly most communities in Islamic countries, both specific and general, will fight it views. Stand up one or even several groups calling for the necessity to maintain the honor of Muslim women and keep their honor in the community. But they do not understand the rules of Islam and did not understand the Islamic sharia laws. They made the benefit-which is determined by their sense-as a basis for discussion and Benchmark against a variety of views and everything. They called for maintaining the traditions and customs as well as invites to hold fast to the morals, without understanding that that should be the principle is the Islamic Aqeedah and the Benchmark is the Islamic sharia laws. They even have blind fanaticism to the point when discussing the hijab, a woman with an opinion issued to restrict the woman, who did not provide tolerance for a woman to leave the house, to fulfill the interests of his life, or to manage their own needs. The latter jurists and female genitalia divide into five types: private parts in prayer; genitals in front of her mahram men; genitals in the presence of men who are not her mahram; genitals in the presence of a fellow Muslim; and female genitalia in front of unbelievers. As the implications of this understanding, they called for the use of hijab is absolutely prohibiting a Muslim woman to see anyone or be seen by anyone. Merekamenyerukan ban on the Muslim women to perform various activities in life. They forbade the Muslim vote in the general election as well as a say in political affairs, government, economics, and social. They hinder the Muslim women from life to the point that they say that some verses of Allah directed only to men, not to women. They also menakwilkan Rasul SAW hadith regarding women shake-hands with the Prophet SAW in baiat, also the hadiths of Prophet Muhammad on women's private parts, and about Muamalat Rasul SAW with women in life, with takwilan in accordance with their will for a woman, not takwilan in accordance with the demands of Islamic sharia law. So all their efforts it would alienate the public from the laws of sharia, while blinding the Muslims of the rule of male-female interaction. Therefore, their opinions could not block the thoughts being attacked, did not stem the flow of mighty strength, and even not able to give effect to raise aspects of interaction among the Muslims. Indeed, in the midst of the people there are scholars who are no less weight than the mujtahid and the priests in terms of earlier school of science and evaluation. The Muslims also do have a wealth of ideas and laws that is unmatched by any other nation. They also have a treasure of books and other writings of very high value, both in public libraries or in private libraries. However, it did not give effect to the efforts to prevent the transferor and the Western civilization from kesesatannya pentaklid. All were also unable to satisfy the people who stiff to accept the Islamic thoughts properly excavated by a mujtahid for thinking it is not in accordance with what they want against women. This happens because the people who bertaklid this, people who are old-fashioned thinking, as well as the scholars and intellectuals, has been far from being a thinker. They do not understand the facts, or do not understand the laws of God, or not to accept sharia laws based on the thought process, namely by applying these laws in fact carefully so that gave birth to a perfect accuracy. That's why people in Muslim countries still wandered blindly between two thoughts: kejumudan and dogmatic. Meanwhile, the social aspect of man that women continue to shake the Muslim woman to be confused. Muslim woman is faced with the two groups. On one side there is a restless and unstable woman who bertaklid on Western civilization without understanding it, without realizing the essence, and without knowing the contradictions of Western civilization by Islamic civilization. On the other hand there are old-fashioned women whose labor was not beneficial, either for himself or for Muslims. All this happened because they did not accept Islam based on the thinking process and not understanding the system of male-female relationships in Islam. On this basis, there must study social system men and women in Islam (an-nizam al-ijtimâ'î) thoroughly and deeply. Thus will be understood that there is a social problem that men and women, relationships / interactions that arise from the association, and the problems that tercabang of this relationship. Next will be understood that what is needed is a solution for the association, the relationship that arises because of the association, and for everything that tercabang of that relationship. Real solution to this problem is not something that dicenderungi sense, but dicenderungi sharia. The role of sense just to understand it. This solution is actually a solution for Muslim women and Muslim men who live according to the life of a typical method, namely the method of life which is required by Islam. Each life must bind with that method, as Allah has commanded in the Qur'an and as-Sunnah, regardless of whether it conflicts with the West or violates the traditions and customs of the ancestors. 


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