A. Gonorrhea
Another name is gonorrhea, specific urethritis, GO
1. Epidemiology
Caused by the bacteria Neisseria Ghonorroea. Occurs worldwide, striking men and women of all ages, especially young adult group. Types of drug resistance in general now appears everywhere. For several months, untreated patients can infect others.Infected with chlamydia at the same time also is not unusual.
2. Symptoms and signs
In men and women, this infection without symptoms. In males, the viscous fluid from the urinary tract will be out 2-7 days after infection. Usually people suffering from painful urination. When people having anal sex, may also keuar same fluid from the anus.
In women, symptoms are usually mild and there is likely to go undetected. There may be a bad feeling when urinating. In addition, there may be a little liquid and some disruption in the vagina. Chronic infections are common, and can cause infertility.
Newborns infected with gonorrhea, her eyes red and swollen. Within 1-5 days after birth, the eye it will issue a viscous fluid. Blindness can occur if treatment is not promptly given kusus.
Diagnosis is by microscopic examination of smears gramstrain taken from the liquid or by way of breeding.
B. Chlamydia
Other names are non-gonorrhea urethritis, non-specific urethritis (UNS)
1. Epidemiology
Between 35-50 percent of cases of non venereal disease gonorrhea is estimated dsebabkan by Chlamydia trachomatis, which generally occur around the world.
In women, the disease can cause inflammation of the cervix mucopurulent although the infection is usually asymptomatic. Chlamydial infections occur repeatedly usually can cause cervical chronic inflammatory disease and infertility. Transmission occurs through sexual intercourse. This disease can affect both men and women of all ages, especially young adults.
2. Symptoms and signs
Just like gonorrhea. The difference is that many women who are infected do not show any symptoms. The complications that cause infertility in women are also common.Eye infection may attack the babies born to infected women. The diagnosis is usually based on the absence of germs that cause gonorrhea in smears or in culture fluid from the cervix or urethra (pee hole). This can be ensured by fluid smear test to see if there antgen chlamydia.
C. Syphilis
Other names are the lion king
1. Epidemialogi
Caused by troponema palladium, which is a spirochete (spiral-shaped bacterium).Occur worldwide, mainly in young adults aged 20-35 years. More common in the municipalities. Recently there are increasing number of cases in some countries the industry is associated with drug use and prostitution. Penularam occurs through direct contact wound ntara (containing pus or swollen) With the ever in the skin or mucous membrane contact with body fluids (semen, blood, vaginal fluids) during intercourse.Transmission can occur through blood transfusion if the donor is in the early stages of infection. Infection can be transmitted from an infected mother to her unborn baby.This is an important cause of birth erupakan babies die in areas endermis.
2. Symptoms and signs
An injury at first appeared a few week of after contracting. Injury is usually a painless ulcer in the area where the relationship first occurs (penis, cervix, anus, throat rear wall / pharynx). Germs and then enter the bloodstream; appear within 1-3 months the second stage. Phase II ditndai with a spreading rash and swollen glands. After a long latent period of 5-20 tahundengan little or no symptoms, the third stage of syphilis can include diseases that attack the central nervous system or cardiovascular system, which can cause paralysis and death of young. Laboratory diagnosis is usually performed using serological tests of blood or cerebrospinal fluid.
Other names are ulcers mole
1. Epidemiology
Caused by haemopilus ducreyi. Highly prevalent in tropical and sub-tropical in the world. More common in men laki.luka cankroid highly contagious.
2. Symptoms and signs
Ditadai with pus or sores that ulcerate and acute pain in the genitals, usually one and the diameter size of less than 1 cm. wound basanya appear 3-5 days after infection, and is characterized by swelling of the sick from the local glands. In women, cankroid generally occurs without symptoms. The diagnosis can be confirmed through culture fluid from the wound.
Other names are LVG
1. Epidemiology
Caused by Chlamydia trachomatis are different types of species that causes inflammation of the urethra and cervix. Occurs worldwide but is more common in tropical and sub-tropical. Not so common at diagnosis in women. However, this may be caused by high levels of asymptomatic infection in women.
2. Symptoms and signs
A small wound that does not sakitdi pubic area (usually not diperhatkan) is usually followed by a painful and severe swelling of the gland and surrounding tissues. This occurs between 5-30 days after the first penulara.
Diagnosis is done by culturing fluid from the wound with a test antigen.


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