One's own language as if no effort is needed to obtain it. Humans, ever since the baby has to learn the language. The crying baby is saying and then turn into the words he had learned for months, years. He had a piece saying something and then combined repeated and improved.
The fact is what led to that opinion exists. Language is owned by humans is natural.Because the fair be found and used in everyday life so no need to get attention. Even without the language of this life will not be perfect. When asked whether that language everyone respond as something that is understood by humans and since has been understood not need to be studied.
True? Apparently in the life of language is a vital tool. Nothing presented, developed, is described without using language. How one can accept the science if the person does not master the language? How can one develop a story problem that does not understand the language. Language became the basis of all activities would have to be studied, investigated, understood. When the base stand is stronger then all the above activities will be clear and good. Because it is the language used as an object (being studied, investigated).
Here is a general understanding of language from several sources According Gorys Keraf (1997: 1) language is a communication tool between members of the public in the form of a symbol of the sound produced by means of said human. From the explanation that we can capture the importance of language, namely as a means of communicating.
According KBBI (Great Dictionary of Indonesian) language is a system of arbitrary sound symbol, used by members of a society to work together, interact, and identify themselves.
According to the source Wikipedia is a tool or a human embodiment of a culture that is used to communicate or relate to each other, either through written, oral, or motion (sign language), with the aim of delivering heart intent or willingness to his interlocutors or others. Through language, humans can adapt to the customs, behavior, etiquette of society, and also easy to confuse him with all forms of society.Of the three language understanding can be concluded that the language is a tool to communicate or interact via oral (speech) or written. Through oral namely with sound symbols, where each symbol has a characteristic sound or uniqueness of its own. A symbol of the sound can be heard as if spoken by two different languages, but their meanings can differ greatly. Suppose that in the Indonesian language to say the word "yes" means signifies seuatu approval. If Japanese is spoken by just the opposite because it means in Japanese means no or not. Writing is the arrangement of symbols (the letters) which, when strung together it will become a word that has meaning. Symbols or letters can also stand alone as in English "I" means I or "a / an" which means something. The rest will be explained in the characteristics of the language.

A. Language Feature Language has several features, among others
a) Systematic Language was made of a combination of phonemes or letters that form words, which is composed and has a meaning, a phrase. If the phrase is connected with another word would be a clause and when the clause was given intonation or followed by another clause, the arrangement of words into sentences.
b) arbitrary Language relationship with reality. Between the language that one has a relationship with another (the same meaning to an object is represented by different words. For example, sun, sun.
c) Vocal Language is based on the noise generated by a tool of human said. The sound is visualized in the form of writing called the letter, in a joint letter writing system to form syllables and words. (Wardhaugh, 1970).
d) Meaningful Language is a systematic tool for memyampaikan idea to wear the signs, sounds, signs or conventional cirri that has meaning and can be understood (Webster, New Collegiate Dictionary 1981).
e) Communicative Is a communication system, interactions speaker and listener.
f) There is in society Language appears in many models: idiolek, dialect and language itself. Besides, there are people who can master more than one language.

B. Language functions Language has several functions that can be divided into common functions and special functions.
1. The function of language in general a) As a tool for expression with our language can express publicly something that is implied, so that we can be accepted in society, for known and unknown to his wishes.
Lately, many people who make writing and publishing through the Internet media such as blogs. In his writings, the author focuses solely on the desire to express themselves what is in itself without thinking of the reader. For example, dreams, fantasies, or experiences of the writer.
b) As a means of communication Tool to convey ideas, feelings, thoughts to others in hopes of obtaining responses.With the language allows us to work together, plan something and directing the masses.
Besides, the language used to mmberitahu the other hand, convey the facts, ask questions and express carita. However, when the man wanted him to understand by others, would like to express his thoughts, or want others to accept his idea then someone should be able to understand what is desired by others. This means that the language of communication is needed between people entwined.
c) tools to make integration and social adaptation someone who came in and adapt to the social surroundings, he would find a different environment, for example, a student will adjust when faced with different conditions.When you get to the school social environment to communicate with his peers will use different language to the language used when entering into the family environment and communicate with older people.
d) as a means of social control Language can be used as a medium for distributing information such as lighting or textbooks. Lecture religion (preaching) or a public lecture is also a tool to disseminate useful knowledge for society. Other models by way of non-formal delivery of information that could include a broad community is talk radio (talk show) on television or radio. With events like this we can gain knowledge from a variety of views from several sources so that our insights into broad. With language one can influence the behavior of others. With a language people can organize social activities.
2. specifically language functions a) entered into relationships in daily life as social beings in human life can not be separated from relationships with other human beings (always communicate). This communication can be an official communication in which the pronunciation must consider the structure of the official or standard language, eg casual or dialogue between friends is usually the rule is not considered an official language. The grammar is used more to the direction of what is happening or speaking culture that emerged in the community or better known as slang.
b) realize the arts (literature) language can be used to convey or express one's feelings or to communicate something through the media arts such as poetry, poems, songs. But generally digunankan language is the language of art that contains the parable or allegory that can not be enjoyed by everyone. Because it requires a deeper understanding.
c) study the ancient manuscripts know the past events is sometimes necessary to understand the events in the past and to mengantasipasi events to come. Or merely to satisfy curiosity about the background of something. For example to know the origin of a culture can be traced from ancient manuscripts.
d) exploit science and technology Man is a creature full of curiosity. From this feeling blessed human reason by God to develop a variety of things that are useful to achieve a better life. Human knowledge about something can be documented for other human uses and melesatarikan knowledge itself for the good of mankind.
C. Position Indonesian
a) As the national language functions 1. symbol of national pride Every nation in the world has a characteristic that distinguishes it from other nations.Among these features is language.
2. symbol of national identity
3. an integral tool various communities of different socio-cultural background and language. As a country that has a diversity of culture including language, we need a commonly agreed communication tool usage.
4. intercultural communication tool between regions
b) As the official language functions 1. Official state language Language used in formal occasions like state presidential speeches, meetings in government agencies, etc..
2. The language of instruction in education In the delivery of science to be understood by everyone needed an official language standard.
3. Interface at the national level for the benefit of the planning and implementation of national development and government interests. In pembangan planning and socialization, regional or central government needs to convey with a language format that can be understood together.
D. Development tools of culture, science, and technology. Indonesian culture is one of the country which is a language that can unite all cultures in Indonesia.selain that Indonesian is the language used for basic education and technology.
where all the education and technology in Indonesia using Indonesian language as the language used dasat.
E. Why study Indonesian Basically we understand others' ideas. But in life we often encounter problems related to language. For example, foreigners who are studying Indonesian saying the wrong pronunciation. Like, I want to eat into my eating or greeting someone who is not easily understandable. Another example, not everyone can easily understand the content of poetry. To understand it incidents like that we find the knowledge of the language itself. We need a vision or theory can actually provide solutions to such problems as mentioned above. Languages spoken or written language is structured and has the function of language that does not just happen.


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