Nationalism and patriotism VS MATERIALISM

Basically a lot of things that cause the condition of sports keterpurukkan Indonesia.Not be denied if in some areas, lack of training facilities and funding remains a classic problem that haunts-coaching sports coaching in various regions.
There's a unique thing that we can take if the sport is able menanalogikan a nation's character. The lack of our current sports achievements was directly proportional to minimya sense of nationalism and patriotism the nation of Indonesia.
Indonesian society feels a sense of nationhood has been decreased due to the influence of globalization. Vast flow of information has indirectly affect the mindset of Indonesian society for materialism. Some cases demonstrated by some courtier National Team Pelatnas PSSI who refused entry due to payment that is not worth it.Another small case is not hafalnya some courtier national team will Pancasila.Contoh 5 paragraph in another is the rampant cases of athlete's move to another province (when PON 2008) in search of high pay.
at least a sense of nationalism and patriotism are attached to the Indonesian sports beings (not only athletes but to the ranks of management, bahka some political elites) may decrease fighting spirit and the athletes. Some sports are not pure anymore insane fight for national sporting achievement for the name of Indonesia, but also for other things. Quite often we use sports arena sebgai one of the main media campaign as was the case in some areas ELECTION.
Nationalism and patriotism in sport is necessary, a sense of nationalism and patriotism on the athletes themselves will determine performance athlete, an athlete who has no sense of nationalism and patriotism will be very bad performance, while an athlete who has a sense of nationalism and patriotism of the nation and homeland terhada will Naturalife Greenworld good performance.
Sense of nationalism and patriotism can generate large semamagat yourself, and have great optimism that deliver these athletes to victory. sport is also a positive activity as unifying the nation who avoid social conflicts and narrow the dispute. It all can be achieved if the actors uphold sportsmanship in playing sports
The condition of athletes who think about the material in every job in the arena can not be blamed entirely to the athletes alone. The descent sense of nationalism and patriotism athletes to it the name the nation could be posed by the behavior of athletes disappointment own people who do not appreciate their accomplishments incision.
Just like a proverb, use and throw, the feelings of the athletes today. Dilematika between the desire to fly the Indonesian flag at the podium with stomach problems. In each exercise they sweat even raised concerns over the fate of their future when no longer able to shine.
Issues to improve the welfare of athletes actually been advocated by Adhyaksa Dault in 2005 with 1000 home program for athletes excel. Still, the issue of how to remain a permaslahan mensejahteraankan athletes.
Recently a paradigm has now emerged that the government was too easy to give athletes the hook and fishing line without telling how to use it. The government claims that our athletes are less able to manage the wealth they have got during shines.
The above problems are basically not the responsibility of government alone, but also our responsibility. Question that arises now is how much we appreciate the world of sport this country? How often do we watch sporting events directly or indirectly to support Indonesia?
Awareness of concrete concern for the less awakened to appreciate the world of sports in Indonesian society. It is very naive if we are unable to learn from our ancestors, the struggle that was not able to contribute greatly to appreciate the world of sports. If we as students have not been able to learn to build it, then chances are we still not appreciate the services of the future of Indonesian athletes in the future. It could be worse sporting achievements of Indonesia in the present and the future remains. It would be naive if brother - little brother who was sitting in our elementary schools do not want anymore dreams - dreams become athletes. And if it turns out that there is a role behind the ugly institution of higher education graduates who scored the nation's future leaders, then it is our responsibility.
From now on, let's think a whole. The name Indonesia has not only seen from the welfare, education, economy and military. The name Indonesia will also be seen from the performance in sports. Come to think together we advance the sport of Indonesia.Let us merdekakan world of sports!
For God, Nation and the alma mater ....


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